IDC Cloud Computing Roadshow 2012 | Mероприятия | IDC Russia

Cloud Computing is reshaping the IT marketplace, creating new opportunities and catalyzing changes in traditional IT offerings. Increasingly, more and more companies are starting to offer their services in cloud solution development, systems integration, consulting etc. However, in 2010, according to IDC’s data, public cloud services accounted only for 1.6% of all IT spending worldwide, and by 2014 this figure will have only doubled. How real is the transition to cloud computing? What are the advantages and what are the challenges of moving towards “IT on demand”?

This year, IDC’s cloud conference in Moscow will be a gathering spot for vendor representatives, CIOs and managers of end-user companies, developers and analysts. Russia’s challenges and perspectives in the development of cloud services will be presented in comparison with other countries.  The event will be divided into three thematic sections and capped by a panel discussion.

Event Topics:

  • The Cloud Computing Market in Russia and Globally
  • The Cloud Ecosystem: Players and Services
  • The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business
  • Cloud Computing for Developers
  • Legal Implications Associated With the Implementation of Cloud Technologies in Russia and Worldwide. Does the Law on Personal Data Inhibit the Cloud Computing Market?
  • Public Cloud in Russia or Abroad? Using Foreign Datacenters and Service Providers
  • When is the Infrastructure Cloud-Ready? Availability Inside and Outside the Cloud 
  • Goverment and Cloud Technologies. What is the Purpose of National Cloud Platforms? Goals, Objectives, Development Stages
  • Cloud in the Enterprise Sector. Case Studies of Building Private Clouds in Russia
  • Making a Business Case for Cloud Computing
  • The Role of In-House IT Departments in the Cloud Model

 Who should attend?

  •     CIOs, IT Directors
  •     IT Managers and Heads of Departments
  •     Facility & Operation Managers
  •     IT Infrastructure Managers
  •     Network Administrators
  •     Purchase Managers


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