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IDC CIO Summit 2013: Delivering Business Value, held in Vienna April 25–26, attracted considerable interest among IT professionals from leading European companies. Close to 200 top-level executives from end-user and technology-supplier communities across Europe were able to share their experiences, network, and discuss the most important issues and challenges they face as the ICT sector undergoes significant changes in moving to the 3rd Platform of its development.

The Changing Role of CIO in a Changing Industry

The findings of the IDC CIO Summit, Vienna, can be summarized in one key message: Times have again become very exciting for CIOs. The industry is undergoing major changes, marked by the emergence of four very powerful transformational forces: cloud, mobility, Big Data analytics, and social applications – forces that are radically impacting the ways in which enterprise IT is used and delivered. The fundamental role of IT, to increase company efficiency, has extended to driving business agility and into the realm of company innovation. The essence of the CIO position is changing accordingly, moving far beyond an operative role and transforming into a key board member who works with business leaders, manages a portfolio of IT services, and even drives innovation. While enabling business agility is already a top priority for most European CIOs, the innovation role is just being pioneered. Nevertheless, within a few years, most CIOs will take on this challenge and will develop new skills as driving innovation becomes an increasingly valuable and requested CIO competence.

IDC CIO Summit Country Follow-Up Cocktails

Join us for an invitation-only IDC CIO Summit follow-up cocktail party, at which IDC’s country manager will summarize the key points discussed at the summit and will guide you through the results of the CIO Summit Delegate Survey.

In addition, we at IDC will offer our results analysis and conclusions and will invite you and your CIO peers to present your thoughts and interpretations. This will facilitate further debate on the most important issues, challenges, and opportunities pertinent to CIOs in Europe, in addition to covering specific solutions and best practices.

We hope to meet many of you in person soon.



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