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At a time of declining growth rates for IT investments in Russia, enterprise content management (ECM) remains an area that attracts both the attention and money of end-user companies. ECM systems continue to evolve by offering functionalities that effectively complement and integrate with business process management tools as well as with business analytical, ERP, and collaboration systems. ECM systems help to process large volumes of unstructured data, and contribute to the formation of a unified enterprise information space comprised of diverse data sources. End users need to take full advantage of ECM systems and chose a strategy for the integration of ECM with the existing resources, be they the classic transaction systems or social networks. At the conference we will take a look at the process of defining an ECM solution as the key element in working with business information, cover the issue of enterprise information space development strategy, and discuss case studies of successful implementations.

Managed print services (MPS) and managed document services (MDS) provide hardcopy peripherals vendors with a new opportunity to leverage their core services competencies and reach out to their customers, thus overcoming the dependency on revenues from hardware and consumables.

At the same time, for end-user companies, regardless of their size, the key advantage in implementing MPS and MDS is the creation of a more efficient and up-to-date business model, which offers the following opportunities:

  • to outsource the management of a company's document output and deliver savings on office space, hardware, consumables, and paper by streamlining the fleet of output devices and supplies;
  • to improve employee productivity and contribute to greater transparency of costs per department;
  • to change the ratio of capital and operational expenditures in favor of the latter.

What is the current balance between paper-based and electronic document management in the Russian business environment? Will anything tip the scales in favor of one of the two options in the short term? Which of the document management strategies available on the global market today have more of a chance of winning in Russia? Join IDC in discussing these questions at its annual event dedicated to enterprise content and print management.



  • Cloud, Mobility, Social Networks, and Content Management 
  • Making a Business Case for Investing into Enterprise Content and Print Management Solutions
  • Vertical Solutions for Content Management
  • Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management
  • Government Initiatives in Content Management
  • Developing Efficient ECM Strategies
  • Integrating ECM Systems with Other Information Resources
  • Managed Print Services in the Context of Enterprise Content Management
  • Managing Office Print Infrastructure
  • Managing Document Output and Customer Communications


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