IDC IT Security & Datacenter Transformation Roadshow 2014 Kazan | Mероприятия | IDC Russia

Data value and security — the management of internal and external information security risks and company data as a competitive asset — play increasingly important roles in decisions about datacenter development and placement. As such, the management of company data as a core asset is emerging as a strategic IT process.

Today's IT department must manage many business necessities around company data, from compliance and data lifecycle management to the availability of high-quality data, loss prevention, and security — and all in the datacenter, utilizing the latest datacenter technologies and management trends.

Meet analysts, independent experts, and industry leaders to discuss everything datacenter related at IDC's prestigious 2014 Security and Datacenter Transformation Roadshow. Running from March to October, the roadshow will visit 14 cities across Central and Eastern Europe, covering topics such as:

  • IT and business alignment: balancing needs and risks
  • The transformation of threats and protection: never ending
  • Welcome to the cyber era: cyberspace, cybercrime, and cyberwarfare
  • When the perimeters blur: the impact of mobility and cloud on data security and datacenters
  • Security and risk: from management to governance
  • Data — the fuel of your business: response, continuity, and quality
  • The latest in technology: network, perimeter, server, storage, virtualization, and physical infrastructure
  • Datacenter public cloud services: a compromise between security and efficiency?
  • What follows virtualization? — management, automation, metering, and chargeback
  • Compliance: pain or gain?
  • Stronger, faster, cheaper — major trends in datacenter economics
  • Cost optimization: datacenter physical infrastructure and below-the-line cost efficiencies
  • The management of converged physical and virtual IT infrastructure in the datacenter
  • EU cloud laws and regulations — security, control,  hosting abroad, and hybrid services


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