Gabor Balicza

Gabor Balicza

Senior Research Analyst, IT Services, Hungary

Mr. Gabor Balicza joined IDC Hungary in October 2008. As senior research analyst for the Hungarian IT services market, he is responsible for conducting research programs on the Hungarian IT services, cloud, and IT solutions markets. Within these research programs, he regularly conducts interviews on a CxO level with the main providers and end users in the Hungarian IT services market.

Mr. Balicza is responsible for coordinating and managing local custom research projects. In the course of these projects, he has undertaken competitive analyses of vertical-specific IT services markets, analyses of partner network strategies, and analyses of end-user IT and procurement strategies and approaches to cloud technology. In addition to his research role, Mr. Balicza actively supports IDC’s event development activity.

Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Balicza worked as a researcher at a personnel consulting company, where he was responsible for identifying professionals in various sectors according to client requirements.

Mr. Balicza holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Budapest Business School and a postgraduate degree in information management from Corvinus University of Budapest. He speaks Hungarian, English, and German.


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