Abstract - Russia Cloud Services Market 2011–2015 Forecast and 2010 Competitive Analysis | Исследования | IDC Russia

This IDC study presents a comprehensive view of the cloud delivery model in Russia. The study contains market sizing for both public cloud and private cloud delivery models, and it offers a further breakdown of public cloud-related opportunity by operational management on the one side and by professional services associated with the cloud on the other. The study contains quantitative data based on the calendar year 2010 and five-year market forecasts, summarizes the major issues and impacts on the IT industry as a whole, and presents end-user views.

The study also answers the following questions:

"Cloud services is a new and rapidly developing business model in Russia. The market for these services is still quite small but large international services providers see the potential and are stepping up their local efforts in this area while more domestic companies are considering expanding this business or have already begun doing so." – Senior Research Analyst Alexander Prokhorov, IDC Russia