Abstract - Russia Internet of Things Market 2016–2019 Forecast | Исследования | IDC Russia


In this study, IDC provides an analysis of the IoT market in Russia and a 2016–2020 market forecast split by technology and industry, with related market insights, key drivers, and inhibitors. This document is created from IDC's Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMA) IoT Spending Guide and includes data contained in it. The main purpose of this study is to size the IoT opportunity in Russia and help ecosystem players understand the market's dynamics and build their IoT strategies accordingly. Essential guidance for vendors is another integral part of this study.

"IoT adoption in Russia largely depends on government support and the realization of IoT business value in the commercial sector. Technical solutions from both international vendors and local providers are in place, but end-user organizations are lacking implementation scenarios that will bring tangible results. Additionally, organizations have major concerns regarding the security challenges associated with IoT technologies, and vendors should include security products as part of their IoT solutions and position them as a key enabler of IoT." — Research Director Elena Semenovskaia, IDC Russia