Abstract - Russian Cloud Services Market 2017–2021 Forecast and 2016 Vendor Shares | Исследования | IDC Russia


This IDC study presents a comprehensive view of the cloud services market in Russia, including market sizing for the public and private cloud delivery models. It contains quantitative data from 2016 and market forecasts for 2017–2021, and summarizes the major issues and impacts of cloud services on the IT industry. It also presents end-user views.

The study answers the following questions:

  • What is the current value of the cloud services market in Russia?
  • What are IDC's forecasts for cloud services spending in Russia? What are the assumptions behind IDC's forecasts? What impact have these assumptions had on IDC's market forecasts?
  • What are the concerns and preferences of end-user organizations in Russia regarding the delivery of services via cloud?
  • What are the latest developments and trends in cloud delivery, and how is the IT industry in Russia being transformed by the growth of cloud computing?

"The structure of cloud services consumption in Russia changed noticeably in 2016. Large and very large organizations started to play a significant role in the consumption of cloud infrastructure in both the public and private cloud services markets. Two main drivers of public cloud growth were Big Data/analytics and the Internet of Things, which spurred demand for both IaaS and PaaS. Against this background, the growth rate of SaaS has slowed somewhat. This was due to the difficult times experienced by small and medium-sized businesses during the year, which are the main spenders in this product category." — Cloud Services Lead Dmitry Gavrilov, IDC Russia/CIS