Abstract - Russia Printing and Digitization Trends in the Office, 2018 | Исследования | IDC Russia


This IDC end-user survey study explores current printing trends in the office, technology uptake and future investment plans, challenges, and approaches to the digitization of business processes and document workflows in organizations with 100 or more employees from both the public and the private sectors in Russia. The survey results can be analyzed from a vertical and business-size perspective. The study consists of two sections addressing the following areas:

  • Printing Trends: As paper documents and printing equipment remain a necessity in almost every office, the study shows how customers procure their print equipment and manage it in terms of service and supplies, and their selection criteria in terms of hardware specifications and provider. This section also analyzes page volume dynamics, driving print volume factors, and the type of documents that are being printed.
  • Digitization Trends: This section focuses on the challenges that are driving organizations to optimize their processes, the technologies they currently use, security concerns, awareness of compliance requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the most urgent areas to be digitized at the vertical and business-function level. Also in this section, customers reveal their approach to paperless initiatives in terms of how they procure and select the solution provider, what IT and business issues they face, who makes decisions regarding document management in their organization, and other topics shaping their digital transformation journey.

As the business opportunity within the traditional office printing market is stagnating or even contracting, printing device manufacturers need to look for new opportunities to expand their business and solutions portfolios. IT solution and service providers should also seek to understand customers' needs and expectations from the broader IT perspective.

"For many organizations in Russia, reliance on paper documents in the office environment is still very high, although the digitization of business processes and document workflows is already underway, and will continue to shape how organizations spend their IT and business development budgets to a large extent. Vendors and providers must offer solutions to their clients that help them efficiently bridge the paper and electronic document worlds." — Senior Program Manager Tobias Kleu, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions, IDC CEMA